Saturday, November 15, 2014

Play Wit Me Fall!

The last poem of Was That a Breeze? was written about the leaves from this tree in Oct.2013.

I took this picture of Brody yesterday before he headed off to his day of Kindergarten. (He was four in the poems.) This week, morning Fall, finally came to the desert. How glorious to wear a hood and peel bark off the tree!

My self-published book Was That A Breeze? also has a new season. It now resides in the poetry section in an independent bookstore in the town where I live. I am perfectly happy with this!  I owe my courage (to take it there to have it reviewed) to two people, my sister Jean and a woman I only know through blogs and a few emails.  Her glorious words to me will live on in my heart. What did she say? Ready? Simple Yet Profound. I just love her words! Who was it? Ready. Her name is Susan Adcox . A sweet breeze in the desert! Visit her Facebook Page here at About Grandparenting.

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