Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Granny Bag

I grew up in the late 1950's and 60's in a house with lots of other people. There were nine of us kids. I don't think we all lived together, but if we did it was for short intervals. The big kids were leaving home when little ones were still being born.  But still, we all remember the Granny Bag. I think it was also known as the Goody Bag. Maybe.  But for sure every Friday night Daddy would come home from work with a brown shopping bag that had a skinny handle made of twine. It was from his mom, our grandma Angie.  She had been to  the bakery and the deli on 63rd.  Even in the dead of Chicago's bone chilling winters she made sure we had snacks for the weekend. We had pecan coffee cakes and fruit filled ones. We had soft butter cookies, sprinkled cookies, white sliced bread ( the main smell at bakery) and oh yeah the best Jewish rye to make a sandwich with lean thin sliced ham. I loved the thick white wax paper and the pink boxes tied up with string. No plastic wrap back then!

Angie was born in 1898 and lived into her late nineties. I don't know the exact number but she had  twenty something grandchildren. She survived the death of her three sons and a few of their children. Hey family, please leave a comment and tell us your memories of the granny bag.
Angie with my daughter Michelle in 1979. I may have gotten my love of flower prints from her!
Angie called our dad Daddy, which is why we did too!

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