Monday, February 29, 2016

Leapers of LIfe!

Sunday was slow, slo-mo, taking it easy and being free. 

Nana, do you know that tomorrow is.?.. Leap Day!

(Big gigantic Smile)

Yes, I told my sweet guy. Leap year is where an extra day is added to the end of February every four years.

I didn't go into this detail but leap years were added as a means of keeping our clocks and calendars in sync with the Earth and its seasons.  It has to do with the Gregorian calendar's disparity with the solar system. 

I love how Brody was squeezing the whole year (a leap year) into a special day, leap day.  Certainly, was syncing my day!

This special Sunday, day before leap day, was almost molasses. Both the grandchildren were here---CHILLIN. Daba was chillin in his room and we were rockin' it in Slo.......

In between, Kenz was getting her homework done, a project on Symbiosis. She was preparing the prompts for a video her team was making. I learned that there are different types of Symbiotic relationships. Dang that girl, she teaches me something new every single time she opens her incredible mouth.

(This picture of Kenz was taken on slo-mo Friday, the beginning of our leapin" weekend. We do like our new stylist. Yes!)

Oh. Almost forgot day before Leap Day- Time Out -for Daba to pull Brody's bottom front tooth.

Brody told us he is going to ask the tooth fairy for a hundred dollars! Way to go Brody!  He told me everyone has their own tooth fairy until all their teeth fall out and then their very own tooth fairy dies. I had not heard that version before, but I thought it was great! Makes sense.

I cannot let these weekends disappear! I can let them be photographed sideways, but I will not let them get away.These are the days. Thank goodness for picture files and blogs and leap years when we get a whole extra 24 hours.


Wasn't it  a great day Bro and Kenz.?

 Love Love Loved the day before Leap Day. Hope you both had a fantastic leap day!

And now

Magnificent March!

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